Recent Works


Order/Entropy, 2min.
Most of the frames are created with printing vinyls on letterpress. Other parts are using Cinema4D. The project was created for a printing/animation workshop at the Outreach program at Cooper Union. Thanks to the printing expertise of Pablo Diaz, we created an effective and precise registration system on the letterpress that allowed us to print on several presses with different colors

“On the Debris of Affluence”
(in progress)

In the midst of a flood, four characters are trapped inside a small room that is inside an abandoned cathedral. They are a couple from a scholarly background, a teenage girl who used to live in the ghettos, and a mysterious traveler.What overwhelms them, however, is not just the flood, but also the immense detritus of man-made objects that are the remnants of their civilization. Living in the sea of objects, they wonder if things can go back to normal; if their civilization can outlast the flood. In each of their own ways, they avoid/confront the hardship of survival. While being deprived of the basic needs, they expend their imaginations and longings to find the affluence of their inner lives. Can they transcend their human conditions even the world around them is to collapse? Is there a purpose to their lives even all become hopeless.

The Making of the Characters, 2 min

Excerpt: Transparent Trees, 5 min

Making of the Heads
The heads are first created using Sculpy clay. After they are baked and hardened. A rubber mold is made for each of them. Then a liquid plastic compound is poured into the mold to make many heads. Dyes are used to create different colors. Each head is then altered for a unique expression. A polymer clay is used here. The re-sculpted heads are baked carefully to harden, only the polymer clay but not melding the plastic. Lastly a small magnet is inserted under the head to make it snap onto the steel ball bearing on the neck

Head Demension: 1,1/4" x 1" x 1"

The Cathedral
The structure is made from lightweight materials such as balsa wood, concrete, Sculpey clay, and grout and can be disassembled to allow for different filming angles during shooting. The Cathedral was also fortified to withstand a deluge of water. Each individual architectural detail was carved by hand and the frescos are a digital collage made using an inkjet transfer process.The flood that occurs in the film will come up to right below the small square opening on the side panel. The large rectangular opening is supposed lead to a hall wall and to a small room where the four characters live together. Each day the characters swim across the cathedral hall and climb out through the window. As the flood goes down, the top layers of painting will fall apart to reveal images on the layers underneath.

Demension: 29" x 44" x 15"



Sets and Takes
EmbankmentCl Embankmentset
ClassroomCL Classroomset